Intro Promoting Your Desired Goals. We Are Expert In Sign Up Our highest priority is to help our Advertisers and Publishers to get the best result. Intro Analytics and reporting We go beyond Sign Up We go beyond Analytics and reporting to give you access to actionable, insights about your performance campaigns. Intro Offers for Users The right Sign Up The right offer to the right user! We care about your user acquisition.

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ClicksValue is built to help you drive revenue and grow. We are a reliable and trustworthy Performance ad network that focuses on helping the affiliates to earn. Our focus is on ads that reward users for their engagement. We provide an innovative interface with the highest CPM in the industry, High payouts, flexible payment terms.

Our Services

What We Do?

At ClicksValue, we are committed to provide our publishers all niche of offers. As a ClickValue’s publisher you will have access to the industry’s top performing CPA campaigns, highest payouts & real-time reporting for your traffic.

Display Ads

Desktop and mobile display traffic. Awareness and direct response campaigns. Web and in-app inventory. Geo, carrier, OS, device and audience targeting.


Pop-up, pop-under, fullscreen, interstitial. In-house traffic filtering options available.


ClicksValue affiliate network features a variety of different models for its offers, among these are CPI,CPA, CPL,CPM, CPC based ones.

Targeting Options

Geo-targeting, OS, Browser, Device, Carrier, IP Capping, Contextual Filtering, Time Target and more.

24/7 Support

Feel free to contact us at any time about anything. We will be sure to answer within the next 12 hours. We make customer service a priority at ClicksValue.

Why Choose Us?

Exclusive Offers
Easy To Start
Easy Integration
Support 24/7 Around The Globe.
Reliable Tracking
Timely Payments
Clear & Detailed Real-Time Reports
Special Rates For High Volume Publisher





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